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Faith and Values

Faith and Values at Washington Academy: A Christ-Centered K-2 Education

Biblical Foundations for All Learning

At Washington Academy, faith and values are not just components of our educational philosophy—they are the core. Our Christ-centered K-2 curriculum is built on the foundational principles of the Bible, guiding every aspect of our teaching and student interactions. We believe that a strong moral compass is as important as academic knowledge, and this belief is reflected throughout our school.

Incorporating Scripture into Daily Routines

A unique aspect of Washington Academy’s approach is the integration of Scripture into everyday school life. Each day begins with prayer and devotions, setting a spiritual tone for the learning ahead. In the classroom, teachers use biblical principles to illustrate lessons and provide moral context. This approach helps students see the relevance of faith in their studies and personal development.

Guidance Through a Classical Curriculum

To complement our Christ-centered focus, we incorporate a K-2 classical curriculum. Known for its content-rich and balanced approach, this curriculum offers a comprehensive course of study that aligns with our values. By blending rigorous academics with biblical teachings, we ensure that students not only gain knowledge but also learn how to apply Christian principles in their lives.

Student-Teacher Interactions Based on Christian Values

The relationships between students and teachers at Washington Academy are grounded in respect, compassion, and understanding—all inspired by biblical teachings. Our teachers serve as role models, demonstrating Christian values in their words and actions. This supportive environment fosters trust and encourages students to grow spiritually while they progress academically.

A Christ-Centered Community of Learning

Washington Academy is more than a school; it’s a community where faith and education intersect. We encourage students to participate in service projects, mission trips, and other activities that promote Christian values. This emphasis on service and outreach helps students understand their role in the broader community and the importance of living out their faith.

By integrating the Bible into all aspects of our curriculum and using classical content to support our academic goals, Washington Academy provides a unique and enriching educational experience. If you’re looking for a Christ-centered K-2 program that balances faith and academic excellence, we invite you to explore what Washington Academy has to offer.

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