A Day in the Life

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A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life at Washington Academy: A Christ-Centered K-2 Experience

Starting the Day with Faith

At Washington Academy, our day begins with a focus on faith. Each morning, our K-2 students gather for a brief devotional and prayer, setting the tone for a day filled with learning and growth. This time allows students to connect with their peers and teachers in a positive, faith-centered environment, fostering a sense of community and shared values.

Core Academics in a Supportive Environment

After morning devotions, students dive into their academic classes, which are guided by the classical education model. Our teachers emphasize critical thinking and a well-rounded understanding of core subjects such as math, science, reading, and social studies. With small class sizes, students receive individual attention and personalized instruction, allowing them to excel at their own pace.

Engaging Activities and Hands-On Learning

Washington Academy believes that learning extends beyond textbooks. Throughout the day, students engage in hands-on activities and collaborative projects that bring their lessons to life. Our curriculum includes art, music, and physical education, offering students a chance to explore their creativity and develop physical skills. Science experiments, group reading sessions, and art projects are just a few examples of the engaging activities that keep our students excited about learning.

Enrichment Opportunities

In addition to academics, Washington Academy will offer enrichment opportunities focused on crafts and story time.

Creating a Vibrant Student Life

Washington Academy’s Christ-centered approach creates a vibrant student life where academics and faith come together to form a supportive community. From morning devotions to enrichment opportunities, each day is designed to inspire growth, creativity, and a deep connection to faith. If you’re looking for a school where your child will thrive academically and spiritually, Washington Academy is the perfect choice.

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